Taunton Forge Library

The mission of the Medford Township School libraries is to empower learners to be enthusiastic readers, critical thinkers, ethical users and producers of information and lifelong seekers of knowledge. Our school libraries provide the space, resources and opportunity for all learners to explore, collaborate and grow in their academic and personal lives. Through thoughtful engagement in this learning community, our learners will be prepared to live informed lives in an information-rich society.
The Taunton Forge School library collection contains more than 22,000 books and our collection keeps growing! It is hoped that the library has something for everyone. If we don't have something a student wants we will do our best to get it. We are acquiring new book all the time! We use the Destiny catalog and circulation system program which is the gold standard in library systems.
We use an open checkout policy in the Taunton Forge Library that closely resembles the public library system. Students do not need to wait until their library day and time to come visit the library. We love drop-in visitors any time or day of the week! Even if a child has overdue books or has forgotten to bring books back to the library, he/she is encouraged to return the overdue items the next day and visit the library to pick out new books or magazines!
Twenty-first century library skills are taught throughout the year and are designed to enhance and enrich the classroom learning experience. Our goal in the library is to teach students to think critically, draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situation, and create new knowledge using print and technology resources in the classroom, in the library, and at home.
The library curriculum is always being updated to reflect the latest educational trends! Library lessons are designed to align and integrate with the classroom curriculum. Many classroom research projects start in the library! Students learn how to navigate the many online resources available in the library, find information, take notes about important information, write without plagiarizing, and use citations for all materials used. This information is then used in the classroom to complete projects that are 21st century, college ready perfect!
The library curriculum for kindergarten and first grade is story time and/or research lessons followed by book exchange time every week. In addition, students learn how to check out books, check in books, care for library books, and beginning independent library user skills. They also learn what to do if a book is lost or damaged. After checking out books, students enjoy the many learning activities that are available in the library.

Second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students are taught library skills when enable them to be independent library users.  They learn extensive 21st Century research skills and how to use the many online resources available in the library. These skills are designed to collaboratively align with classroom curriculum.